At Amazing Super Wipes, we know that our products are high quality and achieve fantastic results without harming the environment. But don’t take our word for it – read what our customers have to say!

We use the Amazing Super Wipes for almost everything! From cleaning the grot and grime from our dolls, to removing the felt pen marks from our tables and floors (and walls and cupboards). These wipes are exactly what they say they are, AMAZING! They’re safe enough for the children to join in on the cleaning and sturdy enough to clean anywhere. We’d truly be lost without them! We LOVE the Germ Enz spray and cleaning cloths and use them in our bathrooms when nothing else works to get rid of that horrid urine smell. The Germ Enz spray not only cleans the area well, it leaves behind a pleasant odour that really makes everything smell clean afterwards. Definitely a product we’ll keep using.
Daycare Centre Manager
I know the feeling of coming to work in the morning only to be faced with a Graffitied tag on my fence or my business sign or my building. My actual building! In times gone by my blood would boil as I scrubbed at the wall. As the repeat offenders tagged over my cleaning I became disheartened and simply painted over the area. To no avail, the tags reappeared. I have since discovered Graffiti-Enz Graffiti Cleaning Products and the ease with which I can remove the tags makes me laugh at the vandals who think they are defeating me!
Gold Coast
We’ve used the Amazing Super Wipes for a long time now and there is nothing else in the market that comes close to how great they are. We have a busy toddler who loves making a mess with his hands, dirt, pens, paint and more, but the Super Wipes handle it all with no problems and our home still looks as good as ever. The fact that the Super Wipes are environmentally friendly and healthy for our growing family is very reassuring. Amazing product indeed, 10 out of 10 from me!